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Ever since 2016, Apex Hospital in Suratgarh has been one of the leading Hospital in Array. With many years of experience in this field, this doctor has made a recognisable name withing and beyond the vicinity. Having studied at reputed institutes and trained at immensely prominent centers, this medical practitioner has gained a sizable amount of knowledge in the field. From the very inception of this clinic in Suratgarh, the doctor has catered to the needs of the patients in the most outstanding manner. This doctor is known to keep abreast with the latest inventions in medical science so as to offer the patients treatments that are of the best and highest quality. One can find the clinic easily as it owns a space near Near Indra Circle Riico Area. The neighbourhood is filled with spaces that are commercial establishments. Commuting from here is the least of one's worries as there is ample of public transport service that is available.

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Dr. Vijay Prakash Beniwal (Director)
Dr. Sanjay Bajaj (Director)
Dr. Arvind Bansal (Director)
Mrs. Nimmi Chhabra (Director)

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